J.B. McGee-Technical Illustration

These five images were from a project I worked on as a remote drafter and Lighting Designer. I created and revised drawings and schedules and specifications  as part of a design team headed by the architects and working with the interior designer and the property management team.

This is a small sample of my work, and I would be happy to show you other projects that might relate more to your interest if you would like to contact me.

Revit Two Views:  Simpson Residence: Residential Model. Primary design with lighting, but not including surface materials.

Graphic Design Sample: Note the variety of options I offered the client. I never show them one I don't like, but I don't make anyone settle for one option. The line drawings used for reproduction might be used at very small scale or large. The advantage to vector drawings is their scalability. when reprinted at very small sized, they stay crisp. These are samples of graphic design a logo design project.

Revit: My design for Mike Watsons House.

This front entry illustration is a small part of a complete design for a home with special accomodations for a veteran who is confined to a wheel chair. A lot of shared research went into solar heating, and energy saving materials, using "green" products and keeping it family friendly.

The design was single level, with extensive research on materials for ease and efficiency of maintenance. The lot was small, and there was drop off at back, So we found space for a back yard therapeutic pool with a grotto that was under the deck.

Mike had a background in construction management and we designed the office at the accessible front entry for him or his clients. Room to park several vehicles. There was no lawn, just raised planters he could garden.

We added an entry pergola for outdoor dining visiting area with a pass through from the kitchen and a door into the garage.

Combining Art, Computer Science, and an understanding of architectural and engineering visual documentation. Line drawings, Renderings and 3d Models.  Private online tutoring in AutoCAD and Revit-Connect online by appointment and invitation